The Bear Aesthetics Gym Wear Story

The Beginning of a Better and More Confident, You...

DID YOU KNOW that the Bear Aesthetics brand you know and love today, nearly didn’t exist!

You see, Bear Aesthetics was created by founder, Jay Staniforth, in 2011 to provide quality, fitted gym wear at an affordable price. However, as an anxiety sufferer, his belief in himself was pretty low, and getting mocked by some of his 'friends' caused further self-doubt, eventually leading to the brand being abandoned.

Fast-forward to 2017 where, for the past 6 years, Jay had used the gym and fitness to build his self-confidence, as well as finding a circle of friends who were driven, supportive and possessed self-discipline.

Excited by this new and confident version of himself, Jay wanted to share his experience with others who suffer with anxiety, low self-confidence or those who are battling with any other difficulties that life can throw our way. To do this, he brought back the brand Bear Aesthetics. The bear symbolises strength, both mental and physical, and ‘aesthetics’ represents beauty, both external and internal.

His vision to produce clothing that symbolised inner and outer, beauty and strength, was fast-tracked when he shared the story of Bear Aesthetics with his new partner, Naomi.

Naomi had experienced a similar journey to Jay and bought into the Bear Aesthetics story instantly, coupled with a beautiful logo and an eye for style, Naomi helped to launch Bear Aesthetics into the market in 2018.

Our Bear Aesthetics journey has some history, but yours has just begun...