Ambassador Program

Bear Aesthetics is the new gym and fitness clothing brand designed to inspire positive change in those who know they deserve more out of life. We do this by providing quality gym and fitness clothing for men and women. Clothing for those in Pursuit of Aesthetics.

Have you used fitness to overcome anxiety, depression, self-consciousness, low confidence or other personal battles? Or maybe fitness is just a passion of yours, a way of life or even a healthy addiction?

Whatever your reason, if improving your health, physique and life is important to you, then you could be the next addition to the global brand ambassador family for Bear Aesthetics.


We are looking for like-minded, fitness-focused brand ambassadors who are passionate about health and personal growth, and are ready to help us grow.

This is not a sponsorship, but we will be opening sponsorship opportunities in the near future.


If you are selected to join the Bear Aesthetics Ambassador Team you will gain access to these exclusive benefits:

  • Affiliation with a growing and customer-focused gym and fitness brand
  • The opportunity to become a Bear Aesthetics sponsored athlete
  • Your very own, unique discount code to promote Bear Aesthetics
  • Regular features on our social media channels to help grow your own following
  • Rewards in the form of Bear Aesthetics merchandise for generating new customers


    What do we consider when selecting Bear Aesthetics Brand Ambassadors?

    • We need to work with people who are active on social media
    • We look for people that are passionate about fitness and believe in our values and our story
    • We only want you to work with us if you truly like our products, so we would expect that ambassadors are willing to purchase Bear Aesthetics products at a discounted rate
    • We want to see you in our gym wear, so you must be willing to strike a pose for the camera

      We are limited on our ambassador program spaces and are restricted to a specific number, globally.


      How does the Bear Aesthetics Ambassador Program reward system work?

      1. All ambassadors are expected to make a purchase in the first instance. You then need to send an email to with the following information:
      • Photograph of you in your Bear Aesthetics clothing
      • Proof of purchase such as a screenshot of your receipt
      • Full Name
      • Age
      • Address
      • Contact Number
      • Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Personal Site, Etc.)
      • The reason you want to become a Bear Aesthetics Ambassador
      • The number one reason that we should choose you
      1. If selected, you will be given a discount code to promote along with a Bear Aesthetics branded image for your Ambassador Profile Card to post on social media (this will be the image you supply in our garments so make sure you are happy with it)
      2. You then share your discount code and promote yourself as an ambassador of Bear Aesthetics to bring in new customers
      3. For every new customer you introduce to us that buys from our store, you will be paid 10% of the product sale value. (your discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other offers requiring a discount code)
      4. You will be paid commission on a monthly basis via PayPal


      Please note that the Bear Aesthetics Ambassador Program has been designed to reward people for sales that they have personally generated for us, and not for your own personal orders or on sales that would have happened without your input. We also do not include reward points for orders credited to you by posting your code to voucher sites.