Razor-Sharp Marketing with Dollar Shave and Dollar Beard Club

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Many of you will know that I work in Marketing, and it's because of this this that I can't help but be fascinated when I come across a piece of content, a video or a campaign that breaks the rules, goes against the norm and, well, shocks me.

I came across a YouTube video advert a short while ago from a company called, Dollar Shave Club, and this video just goes against everything that I have ever been taught about marketing for a business – BUT.. and it's a big but, this video is absolutely amazing, and the video has well over 20 million hits, which in my eyes, means it's a bloody good video!

It's a prime example of a situation where breaking the rules really works for a business; if you haven't seen this video before then please please watch it now – you will not disappointed.

Brilliant, right?

Well, it doesn't end here, shortly after the huge success of Dollar Shave Club, another business appeared that broke the same rules, used the same level of comedy and profanity, and became extremely successful, with over 2 million views, I introduce to you, The Dollar Beard Club.

Other than to share these brilliant videos, I wanted to show you an example of how one business's success can be replicated into your own business. There's a saying in marketing, that “the best ideas are already taken,” now I disagree with this, however, there is no reason that you can't replicate the same level of success as a business that you have seen by copying, not the idea, but the way in which the rules are broken, the way in which they engage their audience, and the channels that they use to reach their target market.

It is for this reason that you should always keep your eye on the competition, but also keep your eye on businesses in the same sector as you that might not be direct competition – providing they are focusing on the same target audience as you, you can replicate their successes with your own business by simply replicating the way in which they execute their campaigns.

I'd love to hear your stories of success, or if you know of other great marketing campaigns then please do share them with me.

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