If marketing is your thing, or you have your own business – I have some great stuff for you.

Having worked in marketing since 2010, I have built up a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t, ranging for traditional marketing to digital marketing. Although I have never achieved the sought after “viral” post, I have achieved some great things whilst building up a pretty impressive armoury of hints, tips and best practices.

In the world of marketing, the difficulty is staying at the forefront of the technology, Google’s algorithms and the latest trends – but the great thing is that the very thing making marketing such a challenge, also presents an opportunity for newcomers to enter the market and still leave their mark.

You see, because marketing tactics, what works well and what doesn’t work at all, changes so often, everyone working within the field has the opportunity to bring something to the table. This section is designed to share with you what those little gems I have found are.