A lifestyle blog following the man behind the grizzly brand.

First of all I want to thank you for visiting my blog site, I hope you find the information entertaining, useful and even insightful.

To introduce myself, my name is Jason Staniforth, but most people call me Jay; I'm from the East Midlands in the United Kingdom and, as you can probably guess from the site you have visited, I'm pretty keen on the whole fitness thing, and being as you're on this site, I'm guessing you might be too. But it's not all about fitness here, yes, I am a keen gym attendee, I do love to sling the steel (with good form obviously) but I have other interests as well, other passions and other skills that I'm keen to share with you.

I created this site with one goal in mind, to show that you don't have to commit everything to an activity or hobby in order to be good at it, or most importantly, to enjoy it. I want to demonstrate that the average person can enjoy and be good at something without the need to go out and buy all the best and most expensive equipment, without committing 3-4 hours a day on something, I want people to see that you can just do 'it' for fun and keeping it casual.

I'll also share cool stuff I come across, I'll give tips and tricks on a variety of subjects and really just give you a little look into my life.

Expect content based around; Fitness, fashion, music, marketing ( I work in marketing), and just general LOLZ!

Your comments and feedback are appreciated... and I'll always try to respond when possible.

See you on the other pages!